I really enjoyed college group tonight. The Old Testament is fantastically revealing. Every time I read about the Israelites, I’m like “Wow. They’re dumb. Why do they keep being stupid over and over again disobeying God”.

There was this ongoing cycle of things going well, then they fall into sin, they become oppressed, then they cry out to God, and He sets them free and it starts all over again.

They’re just a symbol of our human nature. We’re the Israelites. We’re dumb. We continually mess up over and over again, but EVERY time, God is there and rescues them. However, not until they cry out for help. In Judges 4, the Israelites waited 20 YEARS of oppression before calling out to God!
Seems crazy. But we do the same thing. We’re prideful. We try to fix the situations ourselves first. Or we are in over our heads and don’t even realize we need help. Found that interesting.


The exquisite works of DZO Olivieron Behance


A series of acrylic paintings on canvas by DZO Olivier, a French artist graduated at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. The artist is attracted by all kinds of artistic expression. While working as a graphic designer he learned the techniques of image creation with a predilection for drawing. DZO Olivier likes to combine different styles and techniques.



I feel like tumblr mistaught love. It teaches us to romanticize everything. Your break up was not beautiful. It’s not a beautiful thing, either, to be confused. A broken heart is not pretty. Yes, I understand it’s all about overcoming these hurts and it makes you into the person you are today, but can we stop focusing on romanticizing the tragedy of love and getting your heart broken?

The Prestige

Definitely recommend that movie.